Case Study: Real Estate

This company had a good business, but no lead generation, an SEO unfriendly website that looked old with very little content and low traffic.

The Challenges

  • The client had a booming real estate business that had been in operation for 15+ years.
  • They were using traditional marketing methods and had very strong referral
    systems in place.
  • In the previous 6 months, before engaging us, they had experienced a sudden drop in leads, customers, and overall business.
  • They did not have a strong digital presence.
  • The website looked dated.
  • There was no lead generation funnel in place on the site.
  • They had very little to no content on the website.
  • The site structure was not SEO friendly.
  • Their daily traffic was below 50 visits.
  • They had been burnt in the past by a digital marketing consultant who did not do much other than collect his fee.
  • They were uncomfortable investing in Facebook advertising.

The Process

  • To achieve the level of success our client was looking for, we did the following:
  • After an initial audit, we realized that their digital presence and brand awareness needed to be the starting point.
  • We began by helping the client create tons of video content for social media.
  • We ran our “Ads Strategy” to start the brand awareness and engagement campaigns.
  • We paired the “Ads Strategy” with the Lead generation campaign at a later date.
  • We wanted to provide the client with quick wins to increase their level of confidence in our abilities.
  • Worked with the client to develop 4 different Lead Magnets.
  • Worked with the client to create an end-to-end Lead-flow process and the funnel.
  • Using their offline branding identification, we ran the Leadgen campaigns in the third week of engagement beginning with a “Rapid Fire Testing” method to ensure the success of the campaigns. 
web design 01

The Results

This is what was achieved in just under 8 weeks of engagement:

New Leads Generated

Cost per Lead

New Paid Deals

Cost per Action


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We have seen incredible results with Highpoint, including 200% growth in organic traffic, 90% increase in high-converting lead generation, and the lowest CPL of $8.70. Communication is great! They are always available to provide in-depth answers and their turnaround is exceptionally fast.”

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