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Below are a few case studies and examples of how we have helped other companies with their digital marketing.


How We Reduced Ad Costs and Captured 349 New Leads in 3 Weeks

A digital marketing case study for a real-estate agency based in the United States. They needed help with Facebook Ads and managing the overall strategy and success of their online marketing.

Real Estate digital marketing case study


Making a US Based Real Estate Company’s Digital Marketing a Success


  • The client had a booming real estate business for 15+ years.
  • They were using traditional marketing methods and had very strong referral systems in place.
  • But in the previous 6 months, they had experienced a sudden drop in leads, customers, and overall business.
  • They still had a good name in the industry but they did not have a strong digital presence.
  • The website looked dated.
  • There was no lead generation funnel in place on the site.
  • They had very little to no content on the website.
  • The site structure wasn’t SEO-friendly.
  • Their daily traffic was below 50.
  • They had been burnt by a so-called digital marketing consultant who basically did not do anything except collect fees.
  • They were reluctant to invest in Facebook advertising.

Solution & Strategy

  • From the initial audit insights, we understood that the digital presence and brand awareness needed to be the starting points for this client.
  • We started off by helping the client create tons of video content for social media.
  • Then we ran the Golden Ads Strategy to start the brand awareness and engagement campaigns.
  • The plan was to pair that Strategy with the Lead generation campaign at a later point.
  • We wanted to give the client some quick wins to feel more confident working with our Team.
  • Together with the client, we developed 4 different Lead Magnets.
  • With our help, the client created a whole Lead-flow and the sales funnel.
  • Using their BIG offline name, we started running the Leadgen campaigns in the third week.
  • We started off the Leadgen Campaigns with the Rapid Fire Testing Method.

New Leads


New Paid Deals


Cost Per Lead (CPL)

< $4

Cost Per Action

< $200


“I can’t believe it took us this long to make a change. So happy that we did. Numbers don’t lie.”

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