Case Study: CPA Firm

Our challenge was to generate high-converting leads while expanding the marketing segments to engage new demographics.

The Challenges

  • The firm was relying heavily on Google AdWords for new business. Facebook Advertising was a new area for our client.
  • The client had no prior experience of running Facebook ads.
  • New creatives and assets needed to be developed from scratch with little time to experiment to understand the winning elements.
  • The client needed high-quality leads (form submissions) with a high conversion
    potential under $100 cost per lead (CPL).

The Process

To begin, we audited our client’s account to find opportunities. We discovered three main areas to focus on:

  1. Campaign Budget Optimization
  2. Ad Copy Testing
  3. Embedding landing page with clear CTA’s

To design better-performing ads it was important to develop buyer personas and understand the client’s business inside out. So, we started our process by collecting as much information as possible about their ideal clients.

With the data we collected, we created a few high-quality audience sets on Facebook.

Our graphic designers and copywriters created engaging assets and creatives to use for the “Top of Funnel” (TOF) campaign we would run for the client.

Based on our understanding of the client’s business and industry, we defined measurable KPIs for a typical accounting firm.

We set up 5 ad sets and tested our target audiences in each ad set using 8 different creatives and 4 ad copies.

We worked with an initial budget of $30/day, which we kept refining weekly after reviewing the results. This helped us to lower the cost per conversion.

web design 01

The Results

This is what was achieved in just under 90 days:

New Leads Generated

Cost per Lead (TOF)

Lead Conversion (TOF)

New Revenue


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We have seen incredible results with Highpoint, including 200% growth in organic traffic, 90% increase in high-converting lead generation, and the lowest CPL of $8.70. Communication is great! They are always available to provide in-depth answers and their turnaround is exceptionally fast.”

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