Case Study: Financial Advisor

Our challenge was to generate high-value agency leads within a limited advertising budget without any past data.

The Process

To achieve the level of success our client was looking for, we did the following:

  • Built a new funnel from scratch.
  • Focused on cold audiences (due to a lack of past data).
  • Kickstarted a campaign budget optimization (CBO) campaign with at least 3 ad sets.
  • Started off with massive audiences, giving Facebook more room to optimize for the best results.
  • Continually tested multiple new creatives and ad copy.
  • Conducted 4-6 weeks of RFT testing.


The Results

This is what was achieved in just under 90 days:

New Leads Generated

Cost per Lead

Total Ad Spend

Lead Conversion Rate


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We have seen incredible results with Highpoint, including 200% growth in organic traffic, 90% increase in high-converting lead generation, and the lowest CPL of $8.70. Communication is great! They are always available to provide in-depth answers and their turnaround is exceptionally fast.”

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